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Ali-P Art Sinead O'Connor Portrait Print

Ali-P Art Sinead O'Connor Portrait Print

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This stunning print is Ali-P's tribute to the very fabulous, iconic, late Sinead O'Connor.  

Here at Fix My Crown we love courageous and inspirational women, labels that perfectly fit both Sinead O'Connor and Ali-P.  The colours in this print are fresh, vibrant and striking and the quote is a beautiful reminder of how we're all capable of growth even from places of darkness.

This is a high quality Giclee print.

About the Artist

Ali-P resides in Lisburn, Northern Ireland and she proudly claims to be a lover of life, edgy and a rebel with a big heart and lots of compassion for people, animals and the planet.

Ali’s artwork is inspired by everything she loves including music, nature, women, magic and love. She loves to create joyful artwork with positive messages to inspire and make people happy.