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Zen Your Zone

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, a place to rest, relax and recharge your batteries so it's really important to create a chilled out relaxing vibe to the space where you spend a LOT of your time in.

Creating a serene, tranquil environment can be easily done by adapting the look, smell and feel of your bedroom and here's how....

Stick to neutral colours in soft tones that have the power to induce calmness and relaxation. Pale pastels and earthy shades create a sense of harmony and balance making your bedroom feel warm and welcoming.

Keep things cosy by paying attention to the fabrics and materials within your little sanctuary, try to sleep on organic cotton for a softer and more comfortable sleep, layer fabrics such as cosy blanket throws over the bed or a chair for a more indulgent atmosphere.

It seems obvious but make your bed, keep your bedroom tidy and clutter free to keep distractions to a minimum and induce a better night's sleep.  Clutter can over stimulate your mind.

Banish electrical devices such as TVs, laptops and mobile phones as using this type of equipment at night can affect the quality and quantity of your sleep.  It's a good idea to have a set time in the evenings and mornings when all technology is switched off to allow yourself to be disconnected for a while.

Incorporate some greenery for some mood boosting effects and air purifying benefits.  Bedroom plants don't just make your space look more beautiful but they have many health benefits including reducing stress levels.

Lighting in the bedroom is essential for creating a relaxing atmosphere so bedside lamps are an obvious choice for keeping the mood chilled and comfortable. Candles are also a great source of light for soothing the soul and creating a soft, cosy glow in your sanctuary - a lavender scented candle is the perfect relaxing choice for the bedroom of course.

Mmmm, I'm already feeling a sense of calm and tranquility writing this post.... time for some Zzzzzzzzzzzssss.

Much love,