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Why Cold Showers Are Sooooo Good!

Our lives are so comfortable and cosy these days that the thought of taking a cold shower seems a bit crazy.... I mean, why would you take a cold shower when you can shower in the blissful heat and enjoy the hot water sprays hitting down on your body??

Cold showers are a sure fire way to wake your body up and keep your brain alert and focussed.  At first, taking a cold shower may be a shock to the system but the key is to focus on your breath (intently), breath deeply and keep it controlled and you will soon forget that you're even in the shower let alone a cold shower.

According to Wim How cold showers have many health benefits including reduced stress levels, a higher level of alertness and concentration, a more robust immune system, increased willpower and weight loss.

Sound good?  Personally, I always start off with a warm shower for the body washing part then finish with the cold for a short blast to really make my mind and body feel alive.  I have to say, I do feel a real sense of freshness and alertness stepping out of the shower afterwards.

So, get your big girl pants on (or off on this occasion), brave the cold and revive your mind and body for a great start to the day......

Good luck!