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Sisterhood.... the perfect connection to what I wanted to achieve with Fix My Crown. 

All of these meanings and words have influenced the design of my new logo and this beautiful she-wolf is another symbol that features in it. 

For me, this she-wolf represents the strong and loyal connections formed by sisterhood and friendships. 

Wolves are known for forming deep bonds with the other members of their pack and they naturally want them to thrive.  This is how we all should feel in our own wee tribes. 

I can identify many she-wolves in the packs I've been part of - friends, family, work colleagues and it's a beautiful thing to be aware of. 

Sisterhood and connection - for me, two sources of inspiration and constant evolving and learning.

Thank you my sisters.

'It's not about individual women; it's about a system.' Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie