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Celebrating the last day in my countdown with this beautiful creature - the wise and courageous owl.Owls are most commonly depicted as creatures of wisdom which is a beautiful trait however, in Ancient Egypt they were also known as creatures of courage and protection.I'm associating the owl in my new brand logo with courage especially spiritual courage including inner strength, determination and mastering fears.I've spent my life doubting myself and worrying about what people think of me which has massively held me back in some aspects of life and at times it has felt crippling.So, I'm learning to make courage my ally, look deeper into myself, my flaws, my fears, equip myself to challenge them all and hopefully empower myself and others around me.Even writing and publicly posting these thoughts creates a slight uneasiness within me as I worry what some people may think..... but not too much otherwise I wouldn't post at all.Fix My Crown came out of a genuine want and desire to support and inspire other women so if I can help myself overcome challenges then I can begin to help others also.Courage will help me not care if people don't like what I have to say.  Courage will help me to rise in my moments of challenge. Courage will help me to take chances and get what I want from life. Courage will help me voice my fears and to forgive myself and others.It's a journey... the owl doesn't know how to fly when it is first born and it must have the courage to practice and learn.Courage will help me move through this world with wisdom and grace.❤'Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness.'